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5 Life Lessons with Florian Sander

September 25, 2018
BLLNR Magazine

Have you ever gone into one of your favourite bars or restaurants and wondered just who designed it? Well, this is what today’s ‘Life Lessons’ feature is exactly about – the brains behind the designs.

Meet Florian Sander, an award-winning major player in the hospitality design industry and the Founder and Managing Director of iThink Consulting. Having worked on projects including CRAFT™, playlab™ and the famed Employees Only in Hong Kong, Florian has quite the resume and here he gives us five of his top life lessons.


Love yourself but don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s important to love yourself first before you can love others because that already makes one person that loves you and that’s way better than no one.


There is opportunity in everything as long as we are open to it. Learn from your successes but even more so from your failures. Failures aren’t ideal, but they do happen and it’s better to embrace them rather than staying in denial. Take one step at a time and allow life lessons to shape a better and ultimately more fulfilled you be it in life or business.


Respect and treat others the way you would like to be treated regardless of background, ethnicity or profession. But of course, treat those that reciprocate your respect a tiny bit better!


Humour is important and laughing can be considered therapeutic – even though we Germans are not necessarily known for cracking jokes, there is more to life than being serious. Seriously!


At work, try to play out the chain of events of every decision you make and take into account the multiverse of possibilities that could happen based on the turns you are aiming to take. Everything can be improved upon so don’t rest on your past achievements. The better thought- out your processes and decisions are, the more likely they are going to work.