Ann Siang House

Ann Siang House

New boutique hotel housed in a heritage shophouse
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Visit the row of shophouses along Ann Siang Road in the evening and you will enjoy its vibrant, cheerful atmosphere, with crowds patronising the many restaurants, cafes and drinking holes that line the street. To add to the lively environment is the well- appointed Ann Siang House, which has breathed new life into the corner shophouse lot that sits at the top of the slope.

“We wanted to create a lifestyle destination that’s accessible not just to the afterwork crowd, but to everyone who wants to experience the vibrancy of this area, while being close to cultural and heritage spots nearby, such as Chinatown,”

shares Sara Villarreal, head of business development at 8M Real Estate, which acquired the property.

Interior designer Flo Sander of iThink Consulting Group spruced up both the exteriors and interiors of the four-storey building, while preserving the old-world charm of this 1920s heritage shophouse. To lend contrast and create a standout feature, Flo chose a striking deep blue for the facade on the ground floor. An opulent chandelier hangs at the entrance of the hotel lobby, and many passers-by have slopped to admire the luxe yet edgy aesthetics of the space.

At night, clever use of lighting on the facade transforms the hotel into a beacon atop the hill, while illuminated rooms add a touch of warmth to the overall look. The 20 rooms across two floors arc kitted out in locally inspired elements, and have a touch of Mid-Century Modern style. The Fast-meets-West features and a hold colour palette comprising mustards and greys, and brass and copper tones, lend lots of character to the interiors. Despite a mishmash combination of styles – from photos of local architecture, to Classical- style wainscot panels on the walls and subway Liles in the bathroom – the result boasts an understated appeal and a touch of luxury. Also, every room offers an element of surprise, thanks to different layouts and configurations as a result of the building positioning.

Ann Siang House is located at 28 Ann Siang Road,