The 2019 Forecast

The 2019 Forecast


In 2019 I think we’ll be seeing a noticeable shift towards stylish, yet more approachable designs. The rise of social media has resulted in design-led operations that prioritise people focusing on the aesthetic as opposed to the actual experience. This often results in linear designs that are wonderful Instagram shots but become one-time visits, where guests are unable to relate to the product through an experience and thus will have a “been there, done that” conclusion and move on to the next venue.

We all love a stunning space, but we predict that the emphasis will be more on creating approachable designs that are not seeking linear perfection and symmetry but rather resemble the stylish home of a “cool cat”. The more relatable and aspirational design, together with a fun, entertaining and quality product will encourage customers to keep visiting and create a natural buzz.

I also believe that Singapore in particular will see a lot more “moody” lighting in it’s latest hospitality incarnations as people more and more shy away from bright lights and uninspiring moods.”