iThink Consulting Group is Asia’s leading boutique provider of hospitality advisory and interior design services, offering a one-stop-shop, from inception to completion.

Our philosophy is that in today’s crowded hospitality market, concepts must be unique, offering a distinct value proposition. Customers must leave with an experience that fills their hearts and makes them feel that they have paid the right price for an outstanding experience.

Thus our focus on anything from concept to design starts with the customer experience.

Once we engage in a project, we become fully vested and do anything to create long-lasting success for our partners. There are no hidden fees, no “out-of-scope” charges and an unrelentless desire to create the best possible outcome for our project.

That’s why all our clients have hired us again from large multi-billion dollar conglomerates, to listed companies and family offices.

Our integrity is our key to success.

Thought Processes
With unique insights into the Asia hospitality market, we provide first class research and project evaluation services for your investment. We think like project owners, ensuring that we advise our clients at critical junctions of the project.
Hospitality Concepts
As advisors to your business, your success is our primary interest. Understanding your vision and long-term goals will help us tailor the ideal concept for your investment and strategic needs. Developing mood boards that will complement the core business fundamentals, we are confident that our final concept proposal will exceed your expectations.
Interior Designs
Our years of research have given us an edge - we know our markets. We know success. We have seen failures. Designing smart operations with stunning visuals, each with a warm and distinct ambience, encourages customers to return to our venue designs. Our designs are distinct and provide a unique selling point - while remaining approachable and relatable.
Our broad networks include key players in Asia and span from leading research consultancies to financial companies, hotel management companies and beyond. With our ability to engage world-class key strategic partners, there are virtually no boundaries for your business endeavours
Once up and running, your business will require marketing. Our extensive experience in launching, expanding and franchising hospitality businesses will help with future expansion plans of your business.